Fly Fishing Report: Truckee River and area Reservoirs | Late June 2018

Truckee River

The Truckee River has settled into summer flow conditions as controlled by the 6 main upstream reservoirs. These will be our flows for the summer with slight changes due to water diversions and demands and controlled by the Federal Water Master.

Current Flow at the Farad Gage

Current Flow at the Reno Gage

Water temps are in the mid 50’s and topping out on hot days in the 60’s. This has the trout incredibly active and feeding well. They have left the slower water and are pushing into runs and riffles on occasion. Look for water moving at a walking pace or faster with deep buckets and structure.

Fishing has been ​INCREDIBLE!

The insect life on the Truckee River has exploded with several consecutive wet winters. Turning over rocks reveals hundreds of bugs scurrying for cover, and afternoon hatches have been reminiscent of the rivers in the western U.S. Suffice it to say the river is in great shape and should continue so through the whole summer.

Caddis, March Browns, Little Yellow Stoneflies, Golden Stones and the occasional Green Drake are likely occurrences in our watershed as nymphs and winged adults. With all of these food items I have been keeping it simple as far as fly selection is concerned. Perdigones, Hare’s Ears, Pheasant tail, and caddis pupa in sizes 16-12 have all been catching fish with clients and out on my occaisional day off.

Successful Client

European Style Nymphing has still been the most effective way to fish the Truckee River, and with the fish as active as they are takes have been strong and unmistakable. Fish are willing to move for a well presented fly so pinpoint accuracy is not as necessary as other times of the year. Streamer fishing has also been productive as fish are becoming territorial and on the lookout for an easy meal. Dry dropper rigs have worked well too with most takes on the nymph and some fish brave enough to rise during the day. Hopper and large mayfly patterns have been working well, specially as the sun begins to go down.

Flies That We Suggest: Anato-May Hare’s Ear, Hot Spot, Cdc Red Tag, Red Butt, G6 Caddis, Sculpzilla White, Wooly Bugger black and olive, Para Adams, E/C Caddis and Spring Creek Hopper

Frenchmans, Davis, and other area stillwaters

Fishing in lakes and reservoirs has slowed a bit this week with the coming of Daphnia (extra small fresh water fleas) fish feed on these very much like a whale does for krill. They open their mouth as they go through a cloud of crustaceans closing it only to swallow and respire. Fish get very keyed in on this food item and are harder to target. The best way I’ve found to target fish when Daphnia are present is to fish a small midge or use attractor patterns and try to snapfish out of their lazer focus.

That being said, Chironomids and Callibaetis are also very prevalent in the water right now as are Hexagenia in some area lakes. Look for early morning and evening hatches to make fish rise and target feeding fish underwater once the sun gets high. Windy days can prove effective with terrestrial patterns with small nymphs suspended underneath.

Flies That we Suggest: Black Momba Ant, Chironocone, Yankee Buzzer, Gilled Nymph, Comparadun, Para Adams, Wooly Bugger, Sheep Creek Special and the Zebra midge

Happy Fishing,

Mike Anderson

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