Fly Fishing Report September 2017 | Thursday night Fly Tying Classes

Truckee River and Tributaries

The river is in great shape! Flows are holding around 450 CFS and water temps below the Little Truckee confluence are perfect for trout. We could not ask for better fall conditions. Fish will begin to put on the feed bag to prepare for winter and spawning brown trout should make for an electric few months ahead. Fish that have been nosed up into oxygenated riffles will start to move into runs and pools as the water temps cool.

Andrew Richter showing us some fall colors.

Fall hatches of Mahogany dun mayflies, PMD’s, and Golden Stoneflies are abundant and these will be good insects to imitate. Caddis flies have begun to lessen in their effectiveness, but are still present consider switching from green to tan caddis patterns and focussing on the nymphal stage.

click here for Realtime flows on the Truckee River near FARAD

Streamer fishing has really picked up as the browns begin to get into their pre-spawn mode. Female’s are being caught with distended bellies as they begin to generate eggs. This will be the first fall in three years that brown trout have had good water to spawn in, we are hoping recruitment should be elevate this year.

Hopper dropper will stay effective until we start freezing at night. ESN nymphing fast shallow riffles is still very effective, but that will begin to change as temperatures drop and Fall storms wet meadows and adjacent floodplains.

Flies we suggest: Quill Jig #16 #14 #12, Psycho May #16 #14, Dead Drift Crayfish, Sculpzilla; White and Natural, Weir Sculpin, Trout Slider, Cheech Leech, Pheasant tail #14

Frenchmen’s Reservoir and Lake Davis

Surface temps are dropping nicely with the shortened days and cooler air temperatures. High sun will still push fish into deeper water, but early and late in the day fish will come in shallower to forage. We will see a resurgence of damsel flies as the water temperatures drop. These fish will also want to start feeding heavily to pack on winter weight. Leech and baitfish patterns will work well in the early and late hours. Chironomids and Callibaetis deep with or without an indicator will be your best bet during mid-day sun. Start your depth around 10 feet and go deeper from there.

Aden Breckner recently joined us as shop staff. Come in and say hello.

Flies that we suggest: Sheep Creek Special, Gee Leech; Olive, Peacock, Chartreuse, and Blood Purple, Yankee Buzzer, Chironocone, Gilled Nymph, CDC Comparadun Callibaetis, Damsel Nymphs

Pyramid Lake

Not open yet, but I wanted to give you a quick overview of the early part of the year and how it typically fishes so you can prepare and be ready for opening day! You want to be fishing before the sun rises. Regulations state that you can start fishing an hour before the sun rises. Water surface temps will be in the low 70’s to high 60’s during the opening few weeks. This is too hot for the fish to stay in for extended periods of time, but they will chase schools of Tui-chub into the shallows through the early morning. As the sun rises the fish will push into deeper water (40 feet plus). Long casts will be key to reaching the fish when they retreat into the cooler water. Fish will be eager to take flies. Look for bait balls and cast into them allow your fly to sink some and begin your retrieve. The trout will sit under the bait balls and attack straying fish.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there!!

If you would like to book a day fishing with Mike. Call the shop at 775-323-3474 and find a date on our Guide Calendar.

The newest Booby in our Pyramid Fly Selection. Introducing the Dirty Martini!


Fly Tying Class – Thursday’s 6:30-8 at the Reno Fly Shop – Learn to tie Pyramid Lake flies with Pyramid Lake guide and RFS Instructor Mike Anderson. Mike will cover all of the basics of fly tying, tool use and material selection. You will go away with several flies that you will be able to chase the giant trout of Pyramid Lake.

Cost is $30 and includes all material, tools and the use of shop vises if needed.

The class fee will be discounted off the purchase of a premium tying vise from the Reno Fly Shop during the night of the class.

This class is best suited for beginner tyers just starting out or intermediate tyers looking to sharpen their skills. Limited to 5 Students. Registration is on a first come basis. Call 775-323-3474 with any questions.

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