Fly Fishing Report | Pyramid Lake, Truckee River and regional lakes| early May 2019

Pyramid Lake

The LCT spawn is still ongoing at the lake. Fish are shallow and cruising in schools. Some of these shallow fish are willing to eat, but they are few and far between. The fish holding off of drop offs more willing to feed. These are the ones you want to cast to.

Weather has been beautiful, sunny and clear skies. This has made fishing more difficult. Fishing early and/or late has been the most productive. When the weather works fishing from a float tube or boat is a good approach to access deeper water. Using slip indicators is crucial when fishing at depths over 20 ft.

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The Tui-Chub are starting their spawn and once the water temps hit the low sixties they will come into shallower water. Suspending balanced leeches and midges under an indicator at these shallower depths will be a good approach.

Flies We Suggest: Holo Midge (wine/copper, brown/copper, black/silver), Marabou Midge, Balanced Leech (peacock,diablo,olive), Cat Whisker Booby, Spanish Olive Booby Midnight Cowboy

Truckee River

River flows have dropped a lot since our last report. Flows are above 3,250 cfs at the Reno gage. We believe that these levels will be sustained for the next few weeks.

Fishing has been amazing! It’s been really fun to explore the river looking for the perfect type of water, and even more rewarding when you start getting into fish in these areas. The water velocity has been an important variable to observe. Water flowing at a walking pace or slower is where these fish are hiding, and sometimes in shallower water than expected.

Larger ESN flies (10-12) and stoneflies have been working. Worms are still working as well and will do so as the water is off color. Fish will start to get more selective as water level drops and clears. Carots, Duracell and Perdigon have been our go to flies.

Flies That We Suggest: Carot, Squirmy Worm, San Juan Worm, Wire Worm, Perdigon black and red, CDC Red Tag, Tunghead Stonefly, Hot Spot, Mylar Prince, Spanish Bullet, Masked Marauder, Quill Jig

Regional Lakes/Reservoirs

We have been able to use quite a few of our Pyramid Lake flies and tactics to our local lakes and reservoirs with very good success. Several of these have just experienced ice out and some at mid elevations have been fishing well for a while. Most success for larger fish have been on olive Balanced Leech, a 49’er Holo Midge and the red Marabou Midge.

Balanced Leech and Marabou Midge
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Fishing times have varied widely with air temp seemingly impacting fishing the most. Early in the day seems to be the most consistent with mid/late afternoons good but being impacted by recent thunderstorms and wind. Things should really shape up with our local stillwaters as the summer temps continue to rise and upper elevations lakes continue to open.

If you are looking for some inspiration on where to start some exploration swing by the shop and we can make a few suggestions.

Mike Anderson’s On-the-Water Report for early May


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