Fly Fishing Report | Pyramid Lake and Truckee River | mid January 2021

Truckee River 

The river has seen a bump in flows. The river is just under 300 cfs at the downtown gauge. Fishing has been a little tough on the river as of late. We are at the coldest part of the year for the river and the deep chill has made the fish seek out deep water where they can “hibernate.” Luckily the last few days and the future forecast tend to warmer and sunnier days. This will undoubtedly increase water temps and improve fishing!

Small nymphs have still been the ticket, size 16-18 and keep them dark. We should see the Skwala stoneflies start making their appearance in the coming weeks. These stoneflies are smaller than golden stones and are typically an olive to cream color in the nymph stage, good imitation is the Masked Marauder (#8). The trout will really key into this hatch as it ramps up in the coming weeks. 

Truckee River Flies We Suggest: Spanish Bullet, Quill Jig, Hot Spot, CDC Red Tag, Zebra Midge, Ready Baetis, Perdigon, Hot Butt, Pullover BWO, Micro Mayfly

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Try our January Truckee River Dozen Selection in store or purchase online.

Pyramid Lake

Not a lot of change at the lake. Indicator fishing has still been the most productive way to catch the LCT. Balanced leeches are starting to give way to midges, specifically on sunnier days as the light penetration warms the water and kicks off the Chironomid hatches. You still want to keep a balanced leech on as the trout have been picking off Sacramento Perch (think white balanced leech) fry at about 6-8 feet. 

The LCT have begun to move into shallower beaches to feed, but I’m still focusing on drop offs in the 10-14 foot range expecting the trout to suspend off the bottom and come upward to feed. It has been more important to find the right type of beach over a location on the lake.

Pyramid Lake Flies We Suggest: Boobies (Spanish Olive, Cat Whisker, Diablo), Pyramid Lake Beetle, Bellyache Minnow, Jans Tui-Chub, Balanced Leech, Holographic Midge

This past week we released our 2020 State of the Truckee River podcast episode with Travis Hawks. If you have listened here is a link. The Truckee is in great shape and should continue to improve. If you listen please let us know what you think.
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