Fly Fishing Report | Pyramid Lake and Truckee River | early December 2020 | Holiday Specials

Truckee River 

The Truckee River is holding strong at 220 CFS through the downtown gauge. Mornings temperatures are cold, both water and air. For the last week, air temps have pushed into the 50s only a few times and water temps haven’t been over 40 degrees

You want to focus your fishing after 11 to just before dark as this is when the water will be at it’s warmest and the fish are most active. 

The Truckee has been giving up some great wild Rainbows lately

Drifting small dark nymphs (22-16) has been the most productive. Focus on slow water or slow water seams with the occasional foray into deep runs depending on the trout activity level. Overcast days have produced some blue winged olive hatches with fish happily rising to them. A size 18-16 Parachute Adams or a BWO imitation like the Pull Over BWO has worked well. 

Flies we suggest: Pull Over BWO, Micro Mayfly, Perdigon, French Nymph, Zebra Midge, Parachute Adams, ID Theft, December 2020 Truckee River Dozen

Pyramid Lake

Big fish are moving into the shallows! Though this time of year lacks the consistency of early spring we are catching large fish daily. The indicator bite has been best. Dark balanced leeches spaced 3 feet apart at depths ranging from 10-15 feet. There has been a good morning bite, but the bite from 12-3 has been more consistent and this is the time we are netting the larger fish. 

Big fish require big nets this season

A storm is moving in for the next few days as well. This should give the lake a good stir and cool the surface more enticing the LCT into shallower water. The extended forecast looks good as well with very few bluebird days for the next two weeks. Historically, bluebird, sunny, calm days can make fishing difficult. 

Flies we suggest: Balanced Leech ( peacock midnight and Diablo), Booby (Deadpool and Cat Whisker), Holographic Midge, Jigged Mini Leech, Pyramid Lake Dozen

JB with a very rare LCT/Trevally hybrid


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