Fly Fishing Report late June 2017

Truckee River and Tributaries

Higher than average temperatures have created an accelerated melting of remaining snow. The Truckee River below Floriston is looks like chocolate milk. Before this, even the Nevada side was beginning to fish well. Luckily these flows will be temporary as we are looking at highs in the 70’s for the next week. That will return flows to more typical levels and we should see the Nevada side really start to shape up.

Flows on the Truckee River at Farad

Fluctuation in river volumes have put off the fish a bit as fishing action dipped some this past week, but fish are still being caught euro style nymphing and using streamers. Be very methodical and deliberate with your drifts and cover water well. Focusing on the soft inside bends of turns, typically in the first two thirds of the slower water is where the fish have been sitting patiently.


We are seeing multiple species of aquatic insects hatching. Yellow sallies, PMD’s and even some caddis have been spotted but fish have not responded to these hatches much. It’s a good sign, and we’re waiting expectantly for the first noses to start poking out of the water

Flies we suggest: Tungsten Duracell #14 and #12, Carot, G-String, Floss Worm, Dead Drift Crayfish, Sculpzilla; White and Natural, Jawbreaker White

Pyramid Lake

The season is all but wrapped up. Fishing has slowed, and warm weather seeking boaters, swimmers, and jet skiers crowd the lake. Extreme early hours, shooting heads, and float tubing are necessities to fishing right now.

Flies that we suggest: Booby in northern lights, cat whisker, the Deep 6, Clouser Minnow in chartreuse/white, Balanced leech in colors peacock, olive and midnight cowboy

Frenchmen’s Reservoir and Lake Davis

Both Davis and Frecnchmen’s have been fishing well. Damsel patters on an intermediate line or a sink tip line are working great and have been very productive. Ant activity should be declining, but trout will still have them fresh in their minds and will probably take an ant pattern for a while longer.

High heat has warmed the surface temperatures some so expect fish to retreat to deeper water than in the past few weeks. Fishing a little deeper with chironomids and leeches during peak sun have gotten people through mid-day doldrums.

Look for deep drops from shallow water and cold-water inflow from creeks and the fish should stack up in that cooler water. Fishing early morning and late afternoon is the best time to be on the lake.

Flies that we suggest: Sheep Creek Special, Gee Leech; Olive, Peacock, Chartreuse, and Blood Purple, Black Ant #14 and #16, Black Mamba Ant, Yankee Buzzer, Chironocone, Damsel Nymph #12

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