Fly Fishing Report | Late July 2021

Truckee River 

Flows are still holding around 250 CFS through the downtown gauge. Water temps have dropped this week with overnight lows in the high 50 and low 60s. Fishing has been good with a lot of fish coming on wet flies both dead drifted and in a swing. Fish have also moved into a lot of different water types. Some are in fast while others have been in deeper slower water. The bite has been best from sun up until about 11 when water temps begin to rise. 

Smaller streamers have worked well as have dry flies. Fish have been rising pretty consistently around 8-11. Hopper dropper or dry dropper techniques have Beth been effective. I usually fish my hopper to my dropper around 3 feet apart, and my hopper is always on its own short tag. 

Truckee River Flies We Suggest: Carot, Duracell, CDC Red Tag, Jigged Assassin, Perdigon (black and red), Hot Butt, Chernobyl Hopper, Parachute Adams, Cahill, Cripple PMD, Mini Leech Truckee River Dozen 

Local Still Waters

Higher elevations are the way to go for still water fishing. Warm surface temps have driven fish deep. Early mornings will work on our local waters but once the sun gets high they will retreat to the depths. In the higher elevations temperatures are perfect. The trout are active feeding both on the surface and below. Terrestrials and mayflies are good choices for dry flies and for nymphs callibaetis nymphs and midges are on the menu. Higher elevation lakes are usually more sterile as far as bug life goes making the fish more agreeable to take a fly. 

I really like a terrestrial dry with a nymph suspended below. The depth of the nymph will depend on the conditions but I like to start around 2 feet with a decently weighted fly and increase my depth to try and find the depth the trout are comfortable in. 

Stillwater  Flies We Suggest: Callibaetis Nymph, Gilled Nymph, Carot, Yankee Buzzer, Parachute Adams, Mamba Ant, Chernobyl Hopper, Zebra Midge, Balanced Leech, Mini Leech

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