Fly Fishing Report June 30, 2017

Truckee River and Tributaries

Gray and Bronco Creeks are still putting out muddy water from our historic snow pack. This is keeping the Truckee River downstream of Floriston off color. Above Floriston (u/s of Gray Creek) it is a totally different story. The water is a beautiful green and the fishing has been amazing! Water is still high so looking for slower moving water is still the ticket, but some of the fish are starting to move into that moderate speed water when feeding making fishing the seams very productive.



Bugs are hatching on the Truckee! Though the fish have not begun to respond on the surface, it is a good indicator of flies that you should use. PMD’s, Caddis, Yellow Sallies are all hatching well. Mimicking the size and color of these hatching bugs will be super productive. You will see our suggested flies list has changed to reflect these hatches.

Streamers are working also well. The brighter the better it seems. White, chartreuse, yellow and olive have all been producing fish well. Move quickly as fish will usually take a streamer on the first or second cast. Two casts (one swinging and retrieving one) and then taking two steps down stream and start over.

Flies we suggest: Carot #14 #12 and #10, Jig Brush Hog #14, Crystal Pupa #14, Squirmy Worm, Dead Drift Crayfish, Sculpzilla; White and Natural, Weir Sculpin

Frenchmen’s Reservoir and Lake Davis

Water temperatures are rising at the two lakes. Fishing earlier in the morning and late night will be the best chance to get into fish. Carry a thermometer with you as surface temps above 68 degrees are will start to negatively impact the fish and releasing stressed fish in high of temps can be lethal. Inlets to creeks will supply cold water and surface water temps will vary throughout the lake. When you can find good temps fishing has been great! Fishing deep 20 plus feet has been producing fish during high sun.

Callibaetis hatches have been occurring almost daily and very early morning this is a fun way to target fish as you can follow the insect’s life cycle and target them throughout the day. Starting subsurface as a nymph near the bottom and gradually moving your flies vertically through the water column until they emerge and hatch in the late afternoon.

Flies that we suggest: Sheep Creek Special, Gee Leech; Olive, Peacock, Chartreuse, and Blood Purple, Yankee Buzzer, Chironocone, Gilled Nymph, CDC Comparadun Callibaetis, Damsel Nymph #12

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