Fly Fishing Report for the Truckee River and area Reservoirs | early September 2018

Truckee River

The big Truckee River is flowing around 300 CFS at the downtown gauge and 500 at the Farad gauge. This is the time of year that the water levels can fluctuate due to irrigation seasons ending and the Federal Water Master changing flow conditions based upon the Orr Ditch Decree. While levels might bounce around a bit it shouldn’t get too low to negatively impact fishing conditions and or fish sustainability. We have heard some rumors as to some changes in reservoir management (specifically Boca Reservoir) this winter. We are trying to validate these rumors and will report as soon as we get a better understanding. In the meantime check back here to monitor what’s going on.

Clients have been enjoying the Truckee River and ESN

Cooler nights in Truckee and Lake Tahoe make it look as though we are past the warm water of summer. Water temps have settled into the 50’s, and only makes it into the 60 on the hottest of days. The forecast for the next few weeks is warm at first in the low 90’s and then dropping into the mid 80’s with a few high 70’s in the forecast. It’ll be time to get those waders back out, and forsake wet wading any day now.

Mike on a well deserved day off

Fishing has been great some days and others you have to work to get a few grabs. Some Mayfly and Caddis are still present, and look for afternoon hatches once our high temperatures dip below 90. Nymphing has been most productive. However if you want to dry fly fishg try size 16 and smaller with adult mayflies and caddis. Fish are still looking at stonefly and crayfish patterns on the days fish are more active. Fish at these water temperatures are comfortable in many different water types but we have found most feeding fish (low hanging fruit) in faster water. When fishing gets tough go down in fly size and try getting more imitative muted patterns to trick fish into eating.

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Flies That We Suggest: Carot, Spanish Bullet, Perdigon Black and Red, G6 Caddis, Spring Creek Hopper, Slum Hopper, Tunghead Stonefly, Masked Marauder

Happy client on the water

Area Still Waters

Fishg seemed to have pushed into deeper water this week but this will change next week as we settle back into average temperatures for this time of year. Fish will start to strap on the food bag soon and put on weight for winter. Throwing bigger patterns can be effective in shallower water during low light conditions and into deeper water as the sun begins to penetrate the water column. Remember that trout are not solely benthic feeders, but tend to suspend at different depths during the day. Methodically changing depth can key you into the fishes behaviour and help you to lock into their feeding patterns.

Flies That we Suggest: Flying Ant, Chironocone, Gilled Nymph, Wooly Bugger, Sheep Creek Special, Zebra midge, Red Eye Damsel

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Mike Anderson, Guide/Instructor
Mike Anderson is a guide and instructor at the Reno Fly Shop.  As a native Nevadan he has grown up fishing Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River. Mike spends many days each year at Pyramid Lake fishing, guiding, tying specialty flies and observing this amazing resource he is lucky to call his “backyard”. Call the Reno Fly Shop today to book at trip and experience this world class fishery.



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