Fly Fishing Report | Early November

The Truckee River has been fishing amazingly well! Flows are still above seasonal averages, but very wadeable and fishable. The water temperature is cold, and we advise wearing thermals and wool socks under your waders. Fish have not yet moved completely into slower pools so can still be found feeding heavily in runs and faster water. 

Brown trout are still spawning and redds have been seen in many popular stretches of the Truckee River. We encourage anglers to leave spawning fish alone and target water devoid of gravel that is clean or a different color than the surrounding gravel (which can indicate a redd). Big browns are very active right now and have been eating a variety of nymphs and chasing well-presented streamers. This is very exciting fishing as you can usually see these monsters leave their safety lies to chase your fly from its territory. Focus on streamers during unsettled weather (overcast, wind, rain) as the low light will get brown trout looking to feed on big meals. ESN continues to be very effective. Getting flies deep into seams, pockets, and moderately fast runs is the ticket for fishing this cooler water.

Truckee River Flows in Farad (near CA/NV state line)

Truckee River Flows in Downtown Reno

As we move into winter insects that are available diminish to just a few varieties of cold water Stoneflies, mayflies, and midge. These are the insects that we will focus on imitating. This is typical for winter fishing and most of the flies will be small. Size 20 to 16 is a good range to stay in for the midge and mayfly and around a size 12 to 10 for the Golden Stoneflies. Crawdads are always available, but really slow down in the winter as they too are impacted by cold temps  and go into a semi-slumber during the winter months.

Flies we suggest: Quill Jig (#16 #14), Psycho May (#16 #14), Nemec Stone, Sculpzilla; White and Natural, Weir Sculpin, Trout Slider, Cheech Leech, Flashback Pheasant Tail, Quasimodo (#18 #16), Biot Epoxy Stone, Zebra Midge Red (#16 #18)

Cortland MKII Nymphing Rods available now!!!

We are excited to have begun to offer the Cortland MKII nymphing rod. This is the rod that is used by Lance Egan and Devin Olsen in the Modern Nymphing. The 11′ 3wt is light, responsive and has the backbone to handle our Truckee River trout. To get you all stoked we are offering a free copy of Modern Nymphing with the purchase of one of these new rods (while supplies last). If you are out of the area we are more than happy to ship this offer to you.

Weatherwise at Pyramid Lake October was mild and mostly clear of storms. As a result the fishing at the Lake was slower than most openers. However, November has storms rolling in consistently and dropping both the temperatures and the barometer. We are beginning to see larger numbers of fish caught off of the beaches and the big fish are cruising the shallower water during the incoming storms. Time of day to fish has varied greatly. There has not really been a “hot” time to be out but mornings have still been producing fish with the bigger guys rolling in around noon till dusk.

Floating line with or without indicators has been consistently more effective than retrieving, but having a sink line at your disposal is still a promising idea as fish are suspending around 15 to 20 feet when not in close. Balanced leeches have been key and using chironomids has picked up with a few bigger fish coming on thinly tied midges. Fish have also begun to focus in on boobies and beetles, these have been the top producers while retrieving. Start retrieving deep allowing that line to sink to the bottom, but decrease sink times slowly until you find where the fish are suspended.

Flies We Suggest: Boobie (cat whisker, Dirty Martini, Spanish Olive), Beetles, Pyramid Minnow, Midnight Cowboy, Balanced Leech (peacock, olive, midnight, diablo) Holo Midge (49’er, copper/wine, copper/black) Chironocone (red, motor oil)

Mike Anderson, Guide/Instructor

Mike Anderson is a guide and instructor at the Reno Fly Shop.  As a native Nevadan he has grown up fishing Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River. Mike spends many days each year at Pyramid Lake fishing, guiding, tying specialty flies and observing this amazing resource he is lucky to call his “backyard”. Call the Reno Fly Shop today to book at trip and experience this world class fishery.

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