Fishing Report | March 4, 2015

Truckee River

The Upper Truckee River, through Reno and above to the State Line, is in great shape and has been giving up fish. Flows are healthy and water is clear. Spring bugs that we have seen include Skwala stones, Baetis, March Browns nymphs and various midges.

Flies: Biot Epoxy Dark Stone #12, Sloan’s Mighty May #16 and #18, March Brown #14, Zebra Midge #16 and 18

The Lower Truckee has offered best chances at rising fish in late morning through afternoon hours. Look for a little cloud cover and light winds for the best chance for rising fish.

Flies: Hackle Stacker BWO #18, Parachute Adams #16 and #18, JuJu Baetis #18

Streamer fishing has also produced. Fish crayfish and Sculpin patterns. Slow swims with cold water temps.

Flies: Dead Drift Crayfish Olive and Bead Head Olive Bugger #8

Rainbow trout have started their spawning routines. Leave spawning fish alone, be sure not to wade over redds or interrupt their mating procedures.

Pyramid Lake

Now is the time to get out to Pyramid Lake.

Most beaches along the west side of the lake have been productive. Blockhouse, Popcorn, Indian Head, Separator, North/South Nets, take your pick.

Majority of fish are being caught with floating lines and midge patterns suspended 5-10′ or using a slow retrieve without an indicator. Fish the midge pattern within the vicinity of the shoal line and be prepared. Chances are good that a big cutthroat will eventually find your bugs.

Flies: Patriot Midge, Pyramidge, Maholo Nymph, and Marabou Midge

Stripping sinking lines have also caught fish and can be a nice break from staring at an indicator. We have custom tied P-Line Pyramid Leaders for your stripping rigs.

Flies: Bunny Strippers, Boobies, and Blood Marys

Watch weather and wave conditons to help pick your beach. Here is a great site for up to date info.



Arlo Townsend contributed to this fishing report.


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