Fishing Report April 7, 2016 | Lake Davis Presentation April 14th with Jon Baiocchi

April has been off to a very good start at Pyramid Lake, the Truckee River and our local reservoirs. High pressure has dominated the weather the past week but the fishing hasn’t slowed too much.  We expect some new storms this coming two weeks so Pyramid Lake should heat right back up.

We have begun to bring in our spring/summer inventory and are stoked for the coming season.  Come in and check out all of the great new gear.

Pyramid Lake

The lake has been hot and cold since our last report.  Seems as if the fish are in pods and if you are at the right beach at the right time the bite can be great.  As expected calm clear days can be on the slow side but getting out early and or waiting until the sun dips below the western ridge can make all of the difference. The water has begun to warm up a bit and Tui Chub have begun to show in the shallows.

Casey Anderson with another great fish. Proof of putting in your time reaps rewards!!
Casey Anderson with another great fish. Proof of putting in your time reaps rewards!!

The fish haven’t made up their minds either on whether to prefer a floating line and midge setup or a shooting head and bugger/booby rig.  Both have produced.  The Summit Lake fish are still congregating in the middle of the lake with more Pilot Peak fish being caught far north or at the southern portion of the lake (near river mouth).

If there is one point of consistency it seems that the Summit Lake fish are still preferring midge under an indicator and the Pilot Peak fish are on larger feed (streamers and balanced leeches)

Fish need water.  Keep em wet!!
Fish need water. Keep em wet!!

The new Redington Behemoth 7/9 reel (Hatch Mag review here) ($109.95) is in and a great reel plus amazing value. This will get you ready with one of the newest hottest reels on the market.  We suggest these lines on you new rig. Shooting head, Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan I/3/5, and the Scientific Anglers Wavelength Nymph/Indicator.

Flies: Midnight Cowboy, Maholo Midge black, red and wine, RFS UV Midge black and wine, Balanced Leech peacock and Canadian olive, Boobie chartreuse and the Pyramid Tadpole

Jason (RFS Ambassador) and JB during a Reno High School Club outing.
Jason (RFS Ambassador) and JB during a Reno High School Club outing.


Main Truckee River –(between Little Truckee confluence and east Verdi)

The great weather has allowed us to get out quite a bit on the river and the water level and clarity is in great shape. Skwalas have tapered off and we await a more consitent mayfly hatch to start soon. Bugs are starting to pop more and more in the afternoon so be prepared with a few Caddis dries if the conditions are right.


NDOW have begun stocking the Truckee on the Nevada side so their numbers to be caught.  A good side note to stocking hatchery fish is it often allows the larger resident wild trout an easy meal.  Both are fun in their own way but if you want to wrestle with a bigger fish try swinging streamers or dead drifting streamers into pools to get a heavy grab.

Flies: Bird’s Nest olive #14 and #16, Guide’s Choice hares ear #14 and #16, Carot #12 and #14, CDC Comparadun Baetis #14, SST Leech olive, Glimmer Minnow olive/white

Lake Davis and Frenchman’s Reservoir

Lake Davis and Frenchman’s Reservoir are both iced off and the roads are clear.  Rainbows have begun to group near creek mouths and the fishing is great.  Stripping small leeches and suspending nymphs has been really fun.  The water is still cold so if you are bringing your float tube be very cautious.  Pay attention to special regulations on closures to allow spawning to take place without bothering the fish.

Here is a detailed report from Jon Baiocchi and a link to our podcast with tons of great info on Lake Davis and other waters with Jon.

Episode 15 of the Reno Fly Shop podcast with Jon Baiocchi

Lake Davis Presentation Jon Baiocchi – April 14th

Jon Baiocchi at Lake Davis
Jon Baiocchi at Lake Davis

On the April 14th, Jon Baiocchi, will once again be at the Reno Fly Shop sharing his popular Lake Davis presentation. This is an updated show to what Jon gave last year at the shop. In it he will “walk’ us around on a virtual tour explaining access areas, entomology, gear requirements, specialized techniques, tactics, and how the fly angler approaches the different seasons. Most importantly Jon will share is take on how Lake Davis will bounce back from a couple years of drought. Jon will show us photographs, maps, and diagrams giving us clear and useful information for this season trips to Lake Davis.

Insider tips and current information will also be shared like the new Hexagenia mayfly hatch at Lake Davis, and the increasing populations of snails that are making a comeback. Also covered will be all the details of the much anticipated Damselfly hatch in the spring and summer months. The biomass of the lake provides this fishery as one of the healthiest and most productive still waters in the North state of California. This is a must see for those attending who seek to learn more knowledge about Lake Davis located in beautiful Eastern Plumas County. The show starts at 7pm, for more information contact us here at the shop or swing by.

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