Fishing Report April 29, 2016 | Intro to Fly Fishing Classes Scheduled

Main Truckee River –(between Little Truckee confluence and downtown Reno)

The late spring storms have bounced the water flows on the Big T up and down.  It has come down quite a bit in the last week and is in amazing shape right now.  The fish are spread throughout the system and are more then ready to take a nymph or streamer presented well.  Our guests on our guide trips have also found fish looking up during the afternoons and the dry fly fishing has been pretty good.

Nymphing edges and seams have been producing some beautiful fish.  Heavy stoneflies, dark baetis and at times the San Juan worm have all taken their turn contributing. On the California side we are eagerly awaiting our summertime hatches.  Ants, Green Drakes, Caddis, Grasshopper, etc.  This is going to be a great season!

Andrew showing how good it is right now on the Truckee


The fishing has been great all the way through Reno.  We have had several folks start their day right from the shop and fish upstream through Idlewild Park.  Tightline nymphing has been a great way to spend the afternoon.

A recent guide trip with Darryl from the New Mexico Isotopes

Flies: Poxy Back Dark Stone, Pheasant Tail #10 and #12, Red Butt #14 and #16, CDC Baetis Comparadun #14, San Juan Worm Red

Lake Davis and Frenchman’s Reservoir

Great reports from both of the reservoirs to our north.  Callibaetis and midge tactics seem to be the best way to introduce yourself to a beautiful rainbow trout.  If you choose to midge under and indicator, think about trying the Hareline breakaway slip indicators from the shop.  These will let you fish a very long leader and still be able to land the fish efficiently to protect the fish for release.  If you have tried them yet think about picking up a RIO Suppleflex 13.5 leader.  These can be quite the difference when presenting to fish just waking up from the winter slumber.  We have a good selection of these in the shop today.

We are still waiting for a bit warmer weather for the damsels to start to appear with regularity but it shouldn’t be long now.  You can always call the shop for up-to-date information.

Episode 15 of the Reno Fly Shop podcast with Jon Baiocchi

Flies: Balanced Leech canadian olive and diablo, CDC Callibaetis Comparadun, Gee Leech, Red Eye MIdge and the Patient Midge

Pyramid Lake

Things have been a bit slow at the Lake the last few weeks.  The transition between the Summit Lake spawn and Pilot Peak spawn is always a bit dicey on finding fish.  They can be found but the hangover of their recent spawn seems to have them less likely to group up and go on the bite.  As the weather stabilizes and the Tui Chub move into the shallows more consistently things will change and we should be able to finish out the season with some great fly fishing.

The fish most likely will be more spread out then recent months so move around until you find fish.  The streamer/beetle bite should also pick back up.  Get out there now!!!

Flies: Balanced Leech white, midnight and diablo, Black Wooly Bugger with Red Tail, Midnight Cowboy, Pyramid Lake Beetle chartreuse/white and red/tan.


Summer Class Schedule

 Introduction to Fly Fishing  | May 7, May 21, June 4, June 18 | $100

Introduction to Fly Fishing is designed to learn and improve upon the basics. It is our opinion this is a great place for beginners to start and is where even experienced anglers should spend some time.  This one day class is designed to cover all of the topics to get you on the water and ready for a great trout season on the Truckee River and beyond.

The class schedule follows the following topics, gear/equipment, casting, knots and rigging, stream side approach and fly fishing with a guide. This class will begin in the Reno Fly Shop, move to a local park and then finish with some time on the water.

Casting – We will cover the basics of casting a fly rod to show beginners and seasoned anglers the best way to get the most out of each cast.  We will show you all of the casts we use on our area waters.  We will cover overhead casts, roll casts, single and double hauls, etc.

Knots and Rigging– We will cover the knots needed to keep you fishing and the best ways to rig your rod for the different styles of fly fishing our area waters.  We will show you how to tie knots like; the improved clinch, triple surgeons, blood knot and the perfection loop.  Some of the rigging you will improve on is the dry/dropper, indo nymphing and high sticking.

Stream Side Approach – One of the most fun classes of the summer series.  Stream side approach is where we begin to put it all together.  We will put on our waders, head down to the river and discuss fish habitat, fish behavior, bug behavior and will sample what bugs are in the water that evening.  We will also cover the best way to stalk fish in the river, safety in and around the river as well as some basics on etiquette when there are other river users out there with us.

Fly Fishing with a Guide – This is where we put it all together and spend some time doing what we love.  We will divide up the class into groups of 2 students/guide and head to the river.  We will recap all that we have covered and bring a few of the tricks that we use everyday to catch trout.  This is the class that you will need a valid Nevada fishing license and we can help you purchase it before hand if needed.

These classes are based out of the Reno Fly Shop and are taught by our staff and guides.

This class is limited to 4-6 students.  If you have your own gear bring it.  If not, we will provide everything. 

The cost of the class is $100. 

Please reserve your spot today this class fills up fast.

Guided fly fishing and instruction at the Reno Fly Shop



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