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Pyramid Lake

Dave O’Mahoney and his buddy enjoying the early season at Pyramid

The first two weeks of the season have been similar to historic patterns.  The surface temps are still on the warm side and as a result the LCT are most often found in deeper water (15-30 feet).  We have had the occasional wind and cloud cover that has seen some fish venturing into shallower water but for the most part high pressure has dominated the weather and the deeper beaches have been your best choices.  Weather forecast for the next week should continue to improve things with cooler temps and strong winds that will stir up things.  Call us or check in to see what things have changed and to day to day reports.

Tui-Chub patterns are still the top producers with the Chartreuse Boobies playing a very strong supporting role.

Flies: Boobies Chartreuse and Black, Bellyache Minnow #1/0, Weir’s Sculpin #4, Green Imitator #4, Bloody Mary #4

Main Truckee River (between Little Truckee confluence and east Verdi)

Temps are in great shape.  The caution that we exercised this summer with respect to water temperatures is now behind us.  The trout in the canyon are in great shape and doing what the big bucks do in the Fall.  Moving around, eating crayfish and baitfish.  Flows have lowered slightly the last few days but should stabilize and remain so throughout the next few weeks.  Check the flows link on our website


High sticking and indicator nymphing have been working with stoneflies, crayfish and dark nymphs.  We have seen a strong Baetis hatch mid morning but the fish haven’t seen to key in on them with any regularity.

Flies: Sextone #10, Stonedaddy #10, Dead Drift Crayfish Olive, Carotene #12 and #14 and Flashback Pheasant Tail #14 and #16, Parachute Adams #12 and #14

Lake Davis and Frenchman’s Reservoir

Mixed reports from our local reservoirs to the north.

Jon Baiocchi, Baiocchi’s Troutfitters, has had some good days and some slow days at Lake Davis.  The water is low and the warm weather have kept the fish in deeper water.  Trout have been sipping zooplankton and small midge in the morning.  Boat and tube access can be challenging but well worth it. Check out Jon’s new website

Here is a nice rainbow Shane caught last week at Lake Davis.

Frenchman’s Reservoir has been red hot for the last several weeks.  Anglers fishing the edge of weed beds on unweighted streamers have been doing the best.  Access can be challenging due to mud on the banks and thick weed beds but the fishing has been really good.

Flies: Flashtail Bugger #10 Olive and Brown, Balanced Leech #6 Olive and Brown, Sheep Creek Special #10 and #12.

November Events Calendar

Join the Reno Fly Shop for a three part series covering the basics of fly fishing. These courses are designed to accommodate busy schedules and are a great way to end the day.  You can sign up for one or get a savings and more info by signing up for all three!

Course topics include:

Knots and Rigging –Tuesday, November 10th – Learn how to rig your rod for different styles of fly fishing. We will review the clinch knot, triple surgeons, blood knot and the perfection loop.

Fly Tying – Thursday, November 12th – Learn to tie the most effective fall and winter fly patterns for the Truckee River and surrounding lakes. Patterns include Flash Tail Buggers, Bait Fish patterns, Pyramid Lake patterns, Pheasant Tails and Jigged Nymphs.

the carot_reno fly shop

Casting – Tuesday, November 17th – Practice overhead casts, roll casts, single and double hauls and learn how to get the most out of each cast.

These classes are based out of the Reno Fly Shop and are limited to 6 students.

If you have your own gear, bring it. If not, we will provide everything.

The cost is $25 per class or $60 for all three. Please reserve your spot today as this series fills up fast.

Guided Fall Fishing

The Fall is one of the best season to fish our local waters.

  • Pyramid Lake
  • Truckee River
  • Little Truckee River
  • Lake Davis
  • etc.

Our team of experienced and professional guides can share with you our knowledge, experience and appreciation of fly fishing.  A guided trip can include instruction, exploration, catching a fish-of-a-lifetime and first and foremost a bunch fun!

Call the shop (775-323-3474) or email us today at to book your trip.  Get a spot on our calendar before El Nino arrives!

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