Fall League | Through Week 4 | Mixing up the Leaderboard some more

Two thirds through Fall League and we have had a new overall leader each week. With 2 weeks to go Jason has taken the top spot, but with the numbers that are put up each week no lead is safe.

Jason missed a week and didn’t have a great showing in another leading into week 4 but with drawing a beat he as very familiar with it was possible for him and Alan (as observer) to land 25 fish in 45 minutes totaling over 280 inches.

As a review. Two anglers are randomly paired and then randomly assigned one of 7 beats. These beats are approximately 1,000 m and are with in a few minutes of the shop. Each angler is given 45 minutes to land as many fish as possible with each fish over 8 inches measured and recorded. Total number of inches is counted to overall results.

Up to 14 anglers compete each week on a total of 7 beats. There usually spots for anglers to drop-in and compete each week. It is a ton of fun and the everyone learns a bunch by fishing with assigned people and randomly assigned beats.

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If you don’t want to compete, think about shadowing a group out onto the water to watch th competition unfold. We meet each saturday at 0800 and are ususally wrapped up by 11.

The next two weeks will wrap up Fall League and then we will start up again in the summer so if you are thinking about checking this out, now is the time.

Here are the overall results through week 4

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