F4 – WTF Ladies Fly Fishing Clinic

A few months ago Erin Casey (F4) and Dan Lecount (Truckee River Outfitters) approached us to coordinate a women’s specific clinic on fly fishing. This was a no brainer, among the many things we want to build our success upon, introducing and reconnecting women to fly fishing is exactly what we want to do. While more women are engaging in the sport of fly fishing, we wanted to facilitate an introduction based specifically on what women have told us they need and want in a course. While we recognize many opportunities exist for women to gain knowledge and exposure to fly fishing we decided to create something fun and informative that we hoped would inspire long term interest and commitment to the sport.

Last Sunday we hosted what we think will be the first of many women specific events at the Reno Fly Shop and we couldn’t have scripted a better day and group of ladies. The day started at our next door neighbor’s class room that we plan to use for larger groups. Dan Lecount, Erin Casey and Dave Stanley covered the basics from equipment, technical approaches, entomology and fly fishing history.


These ladies, 10 in total, came prepared, enthused and ready to have a good time. They even came up with a name for the group WTF, Women That Fly fish. The WTF devoured the classroom content and generally had a great time. The classroom dynamic was light, fun and very interactive. Following lunch we got waders on and headed over to a nearby park to work on casting. This is where the ladies really started to ‘get it’. To see the excitement and the learning impacted the ladies as much if not more the instructors. It is refreshing to see a group of people begin to gel as a unit in such a short time. These relative strangers were quickly becoming friends. By the time we were relatively comfortable that they could hold their own we divided up into groups and began fishing the Truckee River. Dave Stanley’s student was the first and ended up being the only to actually land a fish in the short time we had on the water. This did nothing to dampen the spirits of the WTF. We returned to the classroom and shop with a short wrap up the ladies retired to the great deck of our neighbors, Pignic Pub and Patio, for drinks and more laughs. Not surprisingly these ladies quickly began putting together plans to continue to fish together and strongly encouraged us to schedule the next class to bring more ladies into their group.

From us at the Reno Fly Shop we want to thank the WTF, current and future, for bringing a great vibe and breath of fresh air to fly fishing.

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