EP052: Gilbert Rowley: Creating Good Content and Being Responsible When Doing It

“When creating GOOD content you can not plan too much” -Gilbert Rowley

Hey everyone, welcome to the Reno Fly Shop Podcast. I am excited to bring you these episodes to keep you informed on what is happening in the fly fishing world and to introduce you to the people that are creating positive impacts and steering it forward.

While fly fishing is romantically interative and experiential. Most of our world is digital from this audio podcast to email to YouTube and much of the information we get about fly fishing when we aren’t on the water is from this digital world. We have the opportunity like never before to consume information and content (good and bad) like we are drinking from a firehose.

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That is why I jumped at the opportunity to sit down with today’s guest, Gilbert Rowley. Gilbert’s entry into fly fishing followed a somewhat traditional trajectory. Angler, competitive angler and guide. Along this path, like many of us, Gilbert began to take pictures to document his experiences. The same camera that he used for pictures he began to record video. These videos went from days on the water to YouTube tying tutorials. As his interest and skills developed Gilbert expanded his focus and now, I believe, is one of the leaders in creation of fly fishing videos content we get to enjoy.

His portfolio expanded into to full feature length instructional videos, Modern Nymphing and Modern Nymphing Elevated, that have literally changed the game for many of us and opened our eyes to the tactics and techniques of European style nymphing.

Gilbert, ever busy, hasn’t stopped there. He is an annual contributor to the IF4 world tour and is the co-director/creator/talent for the super fun Buffet Series on YouTube.

You will hear Gilbert’s perspective on what he feel goes into good and great video content. He gives us amateurs an idea on how to plan, create and shoot good video for social media and online platforms. He also shares the responsibility he feels to protect, conserve and have sensitivity for the places, wildlife and people he includes in his productions. I took a lot away from our conversation together.

Show Notes:

Here are links to the different edits/films Gilbert and I spoke about quite a bit.

Gilbert Rowley is a professional filmmaker that specializes in the fly fishing industry, and is the owner of Capture Adventure Media.

Among his accomplishments in film production include five official selections into the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (2016 through 2019), and the recent critically acclaimed instructional films Modern Nymphing and Modern Nymphing Elevated.

Last year his conservation-minded adventure film Confluentus won “Best Freshwater Fishing Video” in the 2018 Drake Magazine Fly Fishing Video Awards. Additionally in 2018 & 2019 Gilbert worked as the Director of Photography for Fly Fusion Magazine while continuing to grow his own production company.

Capture Adventure Media has continued to find success in the outdoor industry and has done work for many of the industries largest companies and personalities. Outside of filmmaking Gilbert graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors Degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Science, and has continued to promote conservation and wise stewardship practices with his various films and fishing adventures. In addition to this adventurous lifestyle, his most cherished time comes while being with his wife and four children.

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