EP044: Devin Olsen – Effective Techniques for Fly Fishing Lakes, What He Pays Attention to the most and Competitive Tactics for Stillwaters

“Once you can commit to learning the stillwater game it can be as rewarding as learning any other type of fly fishing technique. Plus you can often find water uncrowded and great fly fishing conditions.”

-Devin Olsen

As promised during Episode 41. We sat down again with Devin Olsen and this time got the chance to dive into some topics that might be out of the range of what you think of when you think of Devin. Specifically fly fishing lakes and stillwater.

Devin Olsen – source: tacticalflyfisher.com

While Devin, might best be known for his popular films Modern Nymphing -Euro Inspired Techniques and Modern Nymphing – Elevated where he and his partner Lance Egan breakdown european style nymphing techniques on moving water. Devin also fishes lakes and stillwaters with passion and enthusiasm that I surprised me.

During this recording I found it interesting that when Devin is out on his own he will choose to fish a lake before moving water. This is largely driven by the challenge fly fishing lake provides but also because of uncrowded water and really big fish.

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Like many of us Devin didn’t start out fly fishing lakes but began to spend more time on stillwater through his exposure and desire to do well at fly fishing competitions. As his experience grew he began to grow and learn many of the nuances of effectively fly fishing lakes.  This appreciatiation and confidence developed into where he now spends as much time, if not more, on stillwater as moving water.

High Alpine Lakes are a great alternative to crowded summer rivers

Lakes and reservoirs are just about everywhere and during late Summer and into Fall they offer great alternatives to crowded rivers and streams. It was great to hear many of the great tactics Devin has developed are so translatable to others waters. As you will hear Devin express over and over. If you commit to developing stillwater experience and tactics you will most likely begin to appreciate and often prefer the many facets of flyfishing lakes.

Devin’s committment pays off. source: tacticalflyfisher.com

Devin covers both Loch and Bankside styles and how he is approaches them differently. Devin strongly believes suggestive fly patterns are consistently more effective than imitative patterns and that the Humungous is a great fly to search unfamiliar waters.

Humongous Fly Pattern

This pattern that has very similar to characteristics to a pattern that was developed by a great regional fly fisher, Jay Fair. The Wiggle Tail has caught many eastern sierra trout.

Jay Fair’s Wiggle Tail

At the time of this recording Devin was preparing for representing the USA at the Fly Fishing World Championships in Trentino Italy. The lake portion of this competition will be Cornisello Lake. As Devin explains this will be a very important part of the competition and where he hopes Team USA will make theie presence known. It is limited to a bankside venue and Devin shares what might be his best approach to a lake he has not been able to find too much about.

Cornisello Lake, Italy

Contact info for Devin Olsen

Devin’s email : info@tacticalflyfisher.com

Instagram: @tacticalflyfisher

Facebook: @tacticalflyfisher and @DevinOlsen

Website: www.tacticalflyfisher.com

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