EP041: Devin Olsen – Modern Nympher, Film Maker and Using Water to Hide from Trout

“To really understand Euro Style Nymphing the angler has to dive in and believe it will work.”

-Devin Olsen

After a bit of a break it is exciting to be back in the saddle and putting out podcast episodes for your enjoyment.

I now have few episodes recorded and intend to have them out with much more regularity. During this break we have been very busy around the shop supporting many of your adventures on the water and working on some new and exciting projects that we will get to announce soon.

Here at the Reno Fly Shop we have fully embraced the technical approach of European Style Nymphing (ESN) for fly fishing our local rivers. It is an amazing techique that really allows us to have a level of sensitivity with our flies that we haven’t been able to find with other styles. Plus advancements and availability of good quality gear that before often had to be chased down from European sources is making it that much more enjoyable and accessible. We are also really lucky that experts in ESN are willing to share their experience, knowledge and passion to better understand the many variables and nuances of this effective technique.

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In today’s episode I had the chance to sit down with Devin Olsen. Devin is the co-producer and co-host of Modern Nymphing, Elevated the much anticipated sequel to the very popular movie Modern Nymphing, European Inspired Techniques.  Devin also runs tacticalflyfisher.com which has become an important source of ESN inspired gear and equipment for the competitive angler.

Devin, much like his partner and previous podcast guest Lance Egan (Episode 27), shares information without hesitation. We get to really dig into the weeds on many of the tactics and techniques I have wondered about. Plus through this wide ranging conversation we cover

  • reading water,
  • hiding from trout using natural features,
  • fly selection,
  • when and when not to use it added weight, and
  • squeezing the most fish out of each section of water.

We covered so much ground and spent so much time working through details we lost track of time. Not wanting to make these episodes too long. I asked and Devin generously agreed to come back for a second episode later this summer. Devin will squeeze us in between his summer guide season, U.S. Team Trials and hopefully representing the U.S.A at the next World Championship in Trentino, Italy on the Sarca and Noce Rivers and Cornisello Lake this fall.

I hope you enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Devin and take a moment to check us out on Facebook at the Reno Fly Shop Podcast Group. There you will find more discussion of this and other episodes. In the group I will open the opportunity for you to submit questions to me and or Devin prior getting back together so we can get them answered while recording the next episode. Please check it out and provide any feedback or questions there.


Devin’s blog post ROD LENGTH AND REACH: A TRIGONOMETRY PERSPECTIVE from tacticalflyfisher.com

DVDs of Modern Nymphing, European Inspired Techniques are available in the shop now and DVD copies of Modern Nymphing – Elevated will be available soon.

Both are available digitally on Vimeo with these links

Modern Nymphing -European Inspired Techniques

Modern Nymphing – Elevated

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Modern Nymphing Elevated – Beyond the Basics from Capture Adventure Media on Vimeo.

Producers of the Modern Nymphing film series:

Devin Olsen

Lance Egan

Gilber Rowley

Want our next Podcast, Blog Post and Fishing Report delivered to your Inbox?

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