EP039 Sarah Landström – A Life of Art, Fly Fishing and Conservation

“Fly fishing and art are the two perfect ways to flow through life. There are limitless opportunities for learning and pushing yourself.”  

-Sarah Landström

If describing a hard charging angler, grad student in the fine arts and conservationist doesn’t automatically sync in your minds eye then get ready for this episodes guest. Sarah Landström is all of those things and more. Originating in Michigan Sarah migrated to Helena, Montana in search of the refreshing air and a change of scenery. Once there she was exposed to two things somewhat simultaneously that changed her life, fly fishing and her natural talent as a painter and fine artist.

It didn’t take Sarah long to direct her focus to combine these two interests and they have led her all over the country chasing fish, creating fine art and forwarding conservation issues to protect the critical environments she enjoys so much. Along the way she solicited a mentorship with none other than the famous fly fishing artist Derek DeYoung. Derek was able to show Sarah ropes of excelling in the fly fishing industry and channeling her energies into a much wider audience.

Sarah now calls San Francisco home while spending time as a Masters of Fine Art candidate at The California College of the Arts and part time work as staff at Lost Coast Outfitters a great independent fly shop in the City. She gains much of her current artistic inspiration from frequent road trips up the California coast for steelhead, high in the Sierras for wild trout and the desert to visit Pyramid Lake.

Sarah’s bio on her website:

Sarah Landström is an energetic 23 year old artist who studied classical painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently a Masters of Fine Art candidate at The California College of the Arts. Sarah’s practice heavily revolves around her development as a conservationist and angler. Moving from Alaskan rivers to rural Ireland, Sarah has collected and expressed her experiences through referential palettes and subject matter in large scale paintings. Because these delicate landscapes are easily influenced by ill-equipped policy and greed, Sarah hopes her work will encourage her audience to educate themselves on local waters and the environmental pressures they face.


Show Notes:

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