EP037: Travis Hawks – 2017 State of the Truckee River

“The situation couldn’t be better for the Truckee River to make not only a full recovery from the drought but to improve to conditions that have never been seen before.”

-Travis Hawks, Biologist, NDOW

Fly fishing is equal parts art and science. It is beautiful and creative and a technical understanding of physical and biological processes informs us to help make the best decisions we can. While we at the Reno Fly Shop and this podcast can’t make you more creative or appreciate the endless beauty around you, we can inform you of the complex environment we inhabit for recreation. That is why I look forward each year to sit down with Travis Hawks of the Nevada Department of Wildlife to find out just how the Truckee River and all of the fish that reside in it are fairing.

Within our 2017 State of the Truckee River episode with Travis Hawks from the Nevada Department of Wildlife you will hear a snapshot of what the biologic conditions were like over 2017. Following the wettest year on record. You will listen to Travis layout what it takes to sample the biologic resources, categorize the information and attempt to report the annual data. In doing so, Travis will draw upon his and NDOW’s growing database to interpret trends that are occurring to fish population, densities and how the river is responding to ever-changing flow conditions.

Travis explains that data is simply data and has it’s limitations. He combines his scientific education with his personal experience fly fishing the Truckee River to draw some conclusions that are surprisingly optimistic given the historic drought we have just experienced.

Travis and I really enjoy putting this information together and presenting it to all of the listeners. In my experience it is very rare to have a managing agency as transparent as NDOW is being with their annual survey results. Also the ability Travis has in communicating this information for all of us to understand is nothing short of a community service and both he and NDOW should be commended.

I hope you all enjoy what has come to be a bit of the Shop’s holiday tradition in preparing and presenting this episode. And in the spirit of the holiday’s you might give it some thought to “pay it forward” and sign up for some volunteer opportunities with NDOW.

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