EP027: Lance Egan – European Style Nymphing, the Rainbow Warrior and his new DVD Modern Nymphing

“Simply stated, trout eat nymphs more than any other type of food source and European Style Nymphing is the most effective way to fish nymphs”

– Lance Egan


Lance Egan is a self described fly fishing junkie. He has fly fishing since the age of 12 and has had the opportunity to travel the world representing the U.S.A. as a competitive angler and fly fishing ambassador.  Through his vast experience he has also become a professional fly tyer, guide and film maker.

With good friends Devin Olsen and Gilbert Rowley, Lance recently finished a definitive project on European Style Nymphing (ESN), Modern Nymphing.

Lance and his crew filmed this entire video on public water in three western States.  They wanted to provide an instructional video that represented the water and conditions so many of us experience day to day and not a simulated “fish farm” that can be found on private waters.


The truth is they wanted to show us all ESN techniques in conditions we fish. Conditions that are often difficult and where the “struggle is real”.

What they have done is created a modern, up-to-date and definitive edit for all casual and serious disciples of catching trout on a fly. This video will revolutionize your nymphing game.

The video can be downloaded digitally now using this link.

Watch the trailer and purchase digitally by clicking the image below

Modern Nymphing – European Inspired Techniques from Capture Adventure Media on Vimeo.

We will have hard copies of this DVD as soon as they are available in January 2017.


In todays episode Lance and I discuss a pile of topics. Here are some supplemental links to support better understanding of some of them.  As always if you have a questions shoot me an email at jim@renoflyshop.com or swing by the shop and we can help.

2015-16 California Fishing Regulations – “It is unlawful to use any weight directly attached below a hook” – Section 2 subparagraph 4 (page 15 of attached). Looks like drop shot nymphing is prohibited in the state of California

Rainbow Warrior


GTI Caddis – One of my favorites on the Truckee River


Devin’s Website TacticalFlyFisher.com

Gilbert Rowley’s Capture Adventure Media on YouTube

Devin and Lance’s video on setting up your ESN rig.


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