EP021: Phil Rowley – Balanced Flies and Boobies (tactics and tying), Stillwater Technique and Leader Formula

“Fly presentation trumps fly selection everytime”

– Phil Rowley

Get ready for our second episode with Phil Rowley.  In this episode of the Reno Fly Shop Podcast Phil discusses the history of balanced flies and his contribution to the evolution of one of the fly patterns that have turned a new page in fly fishing stillwaters.  This can’t be more obvious than at Pyramid Lake one of our home waters.


The Balanced Leech has been one of the most popular and effective patterns since it’s introduction a few years ago. It was one of the most popular Pyramid Lake patterns last year in the Reno Fly Shop.  As we discuss in this podcast it’s effectiveness is that it can be delivered and held right in the strike zone for cruising trout.  Add in some (often present) wind chop and waves to create movement under an indicator and you are offering a fly that the fish simply can’t ignore.

Balanced Leeches (P.Rowley)
Balanced Leeches (P.Rowley)

As we dicussed in Episode 20 with Phil we offer up the leader formula that Phil has fine tuned to fishing stillwater under an indicator.  This leader can be used for Chironomids and or Balanced flies (even in combination).

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If you end up fishing a balanced fly in a multi fly rig we suggest that the balanced fly be at the terminal end of the leader.  This will allow the fly to suspend in the intended horizontal orientation.

Phil goes on to discuss his approach and tactics when fishing these patterns and shares that they are not limited to stillwaters or leech patterns.  He ties this style for rivers and streams as well as to represent various aquatic insects.

Balanced PT (P.Rowley)
Balanced PT – Size 14 (P.Rowley)


Balanced Micro Leech - Size14 (P.Rowley)
Balanced Micro Leech – Size14 (P.Rowley)

If you are interested in any of these balanced fly patterns please contact the shop and we will be happy to mail you them right away.


Information on some of Phil’s hosted travel can be found here.

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Make a point of visiting or following Phil on-line at, www.flycraftangling.com or www.stillwaterflyfishingstore.com and through his social media channels, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Holo worm (blood midge larva)

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