EP006: Nancy Vucinich – Pyramid Lake Fisheries Program and the new 2015-16 Regulations

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Episode 6: Nancy Vucinich – Pyramid Lake Fisheries

In Episode 6 of the Reno Fly Shop Podcast I sat down with Nancy Vucinich of Pyramid Lake Fisheries to chat about some of the new 2015-16 regulations at Pyramid, why the Tribal Council chose to implement these, the Fisheries Program take on LCT, Tui-Chub and the current fishing at Pyramid Lake.

Nancy has been working at the Pyramid Lake since the early 1980s.  She has conducted research and applied this work to the enhancing and preserving the entire food web of Pyramid Lake.  We sat down near the shores of the Lake to discuss her knowledge and expertise.

Nancy has a lot of responsibilities, one is contributing to new regulations that impact fishing at the Lake.  Nancy highlights some of the new regs (which were not intended to make things more difficult for anglers), why the tribal council chose to implement these new rules and why the sustainability and continued improvement to the aquatic ecology/biology is her primary focus.

Nancy also shared a red lined version of the approved regulations that makes it a ton easier to find out what has changed and to follow along in our discussion.

2015-16 Approved Pyramid Lake Regulations

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