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PYRAMID LAKE – We can’t remember a time when the Pyramid opener was as hot as this year! Fishing has been outstanding. Look for surface activity such as bait fish, birds or fish chasing fish. “Pods” of cruising cutthroat are keying in on the bait fish, so once you find them, focus your efforts with streamers that match the color and size of the chubs. Olive or brown streamers have been the ticket. Depths between 5ft-30ft have been productive so utilize a full/fast sink such as the Airlfow 40 Plus with integrated running line.

Flies: Dirty Hippy, Stanley Streamers, The One #4

TRUCKEE RIVER – CALIFORNIA – River temperatures are stable and on the good side at 58-62 degrees. Other than being crowded into the largest pools on the river, the fish are in pretty good shape. Dry fly dropper has been very productive. Using smaller dry/dropper rigs with searching patterns will trigger fish in the morning to mid-morning.

Dries: Parachute Adams #12-16, Mahogany Duns #14
Nymphs: Guide’s Choice Hares Ear #12-16, Pheasant Tail Flash Back #14-16

LOWER TRUCKEE RIVER – NEVADA – The cool evenings have done wonders for the river temperatures. Fish are in good shape and willing to take both dries and nymphs. Dry fly dropper combinations make a good rig. The fish seem to want to eat crayfish, double setups are working great in the mornings.

Dries: Elk Hair Caddis #12-16, Dead Stone Skwala #12
Nymphs: Copper John Black #14, Tungsten Psycho May #14
Crayfish: Dead Drift Olive, Dad’s Crayfish Peacock #10

DAVIS LAKE – Callibaetis hatches are bug de jour. The trick is timing your trip for days that are breezy as opposed to calm. With the upcoming weather changes, expect the fishing to pick up as the fish here at Davis are much more aggressive in inclement weather. Search for rising fish snacking on callibaetis emergers or duns. If you find a group of working fish, try a dry/dropper. There are blood midges hatching as well. Mid-morning is becoming the preferred time to fish but if you prefer the early morning, it has been producing. If you are not finding fish on the surface, look for the drop offs and focus on depths of 10-15ft. As always, be prepared to pop some buggers and leaches around!

Dries: Parachute Adams #14
Nymphs: Flashback PT #14, Frostbite Red #12-14, Sheep Creek Special #12
Streamers: Crystal Buggers Olive #10

TRINITY RIVER – Some die hard Reno locals and Trinity enthusiasts have been making the journey and have been rewarded. The Steelhead are in the system which is running about 500 cfs. Last week the fish were located from Del Loma up to Junction City. Average fish size are typically 8lbs. Swinging soft hackles and dead drifting nymphs seem to create the most hookups.

Nymphs: October Caddis #6, Psycho May #14, Anato-May #14

WOMENS FLY FISH CLINIC | October 26, 2014


Here at the Reno Fly Shop we are frequently asked to host a women’s specific fly fishing clinic. With so much interest, we decided it was time to put something together. We are excited to offer a one day fly fishing clinic just for the ladies. We will co-host this event with the Truckee River Outfitters and F4- Femme Fatale Fly Fisher. Long time guide, Dan LeCount with the Truckee River Outfitters will be teaching, F4 will be the host and we will help with the details.

The clinic will be a great day of instruction covering the basics of fly fishing to popular styles of fishing in our area. The clinic will begin at 10 and end around 3:30. It will be taught in the Truckee area. All necessary equipment will be provided but if you have it bring it. Lunch and refreshments will also be provided. This will be a very fun, low key instructional environment. Space will be limited to the first 15 ladies to register through the Reno Fly Shop (775-323-3474 or The price for the day is $150 and will include all of the items above and much more.

If you get the sense that we are not feeding you all of the details you are not imagining it. We have limited space and want this to be a great environment. Details of the day will be given to the registrants. What we can share is that it will be October 26 in the Truckee area and will be a great time. Remember the first rule of Ladies Only Fly Fishing Clinics…

Also we hope this to be the first of many clinics. So if for any reason you can’t make it please don’t give up. We will have another introductory clinic soon and if the interest is there we will expand the offerings into different water types, styles and approaches.


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Reno Fly Shop Report and Events | September 4, 2014

September 1st arrived and as hoped the air and water temps are beginning to drop. We have had many reports of fisherman using their thermometers to record temps in the 50s early in the day. This trend shall continue and fishing should pick right back up.

Save the Date!!


The Pyramid lake opener is right around the corner!
Come join Simms Sales Rep and Simms Guide Ambassador Arlo Townsend on 10/3 for a Pyramid Lake Demo day at the shop from 3:00 PM till 7:00 PM!

Details to follow on the Reno Fly Shop blog and in upcoming emails.


FISHING REPORT (09/04/2014)

It won’t come as a surprise to many that we are enthusiastic carp anglers and the Lower Truckee River (below town) has been a great place to satisfy this itch. It has been just short of epic. Large fish working through the day has been a great alternative when we have pulled off the Upper Truckee to give those trout a rest. These fish are not easy to catch but the reward is there. Keep moving until you find fish and get your fly in front of the working carp. If you do spook them simply move on. Here is proof of Steve putting the wood to one of these critters.

Nymphs: D’s Hover Mover Olive, Barry’s Carp Bitter Rusty

As of today the Farad area is flowing in the 170 cfs. This is still low but the reduced water temps have helped. Dead drifting a variety of patterns and styles have all produced on the California side. Search out the transitions of riffles to pools for trout looking to pick off easy meals. The section from Verdi to the Reno Fly Shop has been very productive early in the day. The upper reaches have fish in concentrated in the obvious areas and willing to take streamers until the sun hits the water.  Closer to the Shop and through town Dry/Dropper rigs are the way to search for fish in the skinnier water. The flow in Reno is approximately 88 cfs. If we do get some cloudy days don’t hesitate to bring out the streamers as fall progresses.

Dries: Missing Link Caddis #12-#14, Headlight Sallie #14, Charlie Boy #12
Nymphs: Psycho May PMD #12-#14, Micro May Glass Bead OLV #16, Z Wing Caddis
Streamer: Stanley Streamer Rainbow, Dead Drift Crayfish Tan and Olive

Fishing has been more challenging lately on the public waters. Private waters have cooled and have been producing lots of fish. Warmer surface temperatures have pushed the fish into deeper water. Those with the patience to get their nymphs deeper along drop offs and in the channels are still finding nice fish. Fish in areas where the creek channels converge. Type III full sink lines to depths of 15-18 feet have been successful. Blood midge and other colored chrionomids are getting the most attention but don’t shy away from a double rig including a bugger and nymph or damsel/chrionomid. Surface activity has been limited to very early morning and just before sunset and the standard fare has worked.

Dries: Missing Link #18, Emerger Midge Adult #20, Brook’s Sprout Midge Gry/Blk #20
Nymphs: Black Nymph #14, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear #14-16
Bugger/Leaches: Mini Leech Wine #10, Black and Olive Crystal Bugger #10


The LT’s current flow is 41 and has been running this level for a few weeks. This consistency has helped the fish and bugs get into a routine making the hatches more uniform and predictable. That however, does not always translate into fish to hand. You must still be able to work through the puzzle that is the Little Truckee and either get lucky or simply put in your time. With either you can still catch a trout of quality size and more then enough spice to get your attention.

Dries: Blue Ribbon Foam Emerger PMD #16-18, Silhouette PMD #16-18, Elk Hair Caddis Olive #18
Nymphs: Crystal Hunchback PMD #16-18, Anato-May Olive #18

Caffeinated Casting | September 6 | at Riverside Hub Coffee


At the Hub on Riverside Drive this Saturday will be our casting clinic/demo and competition. You will be able to try all of the Winston fly rods, Scientific Angler fly lines, 2015 Umpqua gear and Loon’s 2015 offerings.  Instruction will also be available and this fun low-key event. We will get started at 8:30 and then at 10 you will be put it all into action.

Again fun and low-key casting competition will happen with two categories 8wt/under and 5wt/under. We will have super simple rules that will make it a level playing field and move through everyone pretty quickly. We have some great prizes for competitors (SA fly lines, Umpua, Loon and Winston gear).

If you have any questions swing by the shop or give us a call and we will help out.

Wild Reverence |September 18, 2014 | Imperial Bar and Lounge
Wild Reverence |September 18, 2014 | Imperial Bar and Lounge

Wild Reverence – The Wild Steelhead’s Last Stand

Shane Anderson’s movie on the fish of ‘1000 casts’ will have it’s Reno/Tahoe premier on Thursday Sept. 18 at the Imperial Lounge. This is a free event with the party starting at 7 p.m. and the movie at 8. The Imperial is just down the street from the Shop and you can swing by beforehand to start the party.

There will be prizes and a raffle to support our local Sagebrush Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Wild Reverence Trailer


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Fly Fishing Report | July 24, 2014

As of today the Farad area is flowing in the 490 CFS. This is still a good volume to help maintain some good fishing. The recent rainstorms were a welcome relief and actually helped the fishing a bit. Although the caddis hatches are intermittent, there are still some evening rise opportunities in the right places. Search for the cascading pools and top of the riffles for evening rise opportunities. The section from Verdi to the Reno Fly Shop has been very productive! Again, the hatches are not heavy due to low water, but the fishing has been great in the morning and evening. All of the Reno Fly Shop staff have been fishing frequently and have been catching fish. Rainbows and browns are mainly caught while nymphing or fishing dry/dropper rigs. Caddis patterns and searching patterns have been the most productive. The big, buggy dries will bring up the occasional fish, so dust off the hopper patterns and get em wet! The flow in Reno is approximately 275 (7/24). Some of us who are streamer addicts are doing well on cloudy, rainy days by dead drifting crayfish patterns.

Dries: Missing Link Caddis #12-#14, Headlight Sallie #14, Charlie Boy #12
Nymphs: Psycho May PMD #12-#14, Micro May Glass Bead OLV #16, Z Wing Caddis
Streamer: Stanley Streamer Rainbow, Dead Drift Crayfish Tan and Olive

Spotty is the best description for the lower Truckee. From the Reno Fly Shop to East McCarran Bridge, fish are still grazing in the morning. Caddis hatches are the most prevalent and streamer fishing will produce for the committed. Below McCarran the fish are less active and finding the willing trout has been challenging. Fish the faster water and have the patience with the moss and you large browns and rainbows will take a fly. This is the time of year with temps and flows you might think about targeting carp. The carp is a RFS staff favorite and much more challenging and rewarding then many might think. A 20 pound fish is not out of the possibility and often you are sight fishing for them. Come into the shop and we can share some details on how to approach this great fishery. 263 CFS is today’s reading.

Dries: Snowshoe Caddis #12, Crippled Parachute BWO #14, Adams Superfly #16
Nymphs: 20 Incher, Carotene #12-#14, Birds Nest OLV #14
Streamer: Dirty Hippy, D’s Hover Mover

Fishing has been more challenging lately. Warmer surface temperatures have pushed the fish into deeper water. Those with the patience to get their nymphs deeper along drop offs and in the channels are still finding nice rainbows. Fish in areas where the creek channels converge, such as, Cow to Freeman or Freeman to Lightning. Intermediate lines to depths of 10 feet have been successful. Blood midge and other colored chrionomids are getting the most attention but don’t shy away from a double rig including a bugger and nymph or damsel/chrionomid. Surface activity has been limited to very early morning and just before sunset and the standard fare has been chrionomids.

Dries: Hex Cripple, Adult Damsel BLU, Thunder Thighs
Nymphs: Pickyfish Damsel, Brown Bomber, Partridge/Pheasant
Bugger/Leaches: Lake Dragon, Brunette Leech, Twin Lakes Special

Frenchman’s has very similar conditions to Davis. It is becoming more difficult to access certain areas due to weed beds and dwindling water however fishing has still been fair. Get into the deeper water where channels and ledges hit the 8’-10’ range. Sporadic caddis and midge hatch in the evening has a few noses poking up. When you find the fish, you will likely find several so go on the hunt and remember this is the time of year where diligence will make the difference.

Dries: Parachute Hopper, Foam Flying Ant, E/C Caddis
Nymphs: Nitro Caddis #14-#16, Yankee Buzzer Rootbeer #12, Sheep Creek #12

This little gem just keeps doing its thing! Great, at times challenging, dry fly fishing in the evening is getting attention from our Reno Fly Shop staff. Reports are very favorable with hatches to include Caddis, PMD’s, and rusty spinners (in eddy’s and tail outs). Current CFS is 48 and has been running this level since July 16th. This consistency has helped the hatches be more uniform and predictable making the LT experience one of the best in the area. Remember, the mosquitoes are voracious. Bring your favorite repellent.

Dries: Parachute Adams #16-#18, Hackle Stacker Pink #14
Nymphs: JuJu Baetis #18-#20, Birds Nest Tan #14, Swing Caddis

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Reno Fly Shop Fishing Report

Reno Fly Shop Fishing Report (7/10) - Stay cool!!

The fishing has been just as hot as the weather outside.

Fish caught in this heat need to have some time to recover before you release them.  Attempth to bring them in quick and then take your time to release your catch.  Hold the fish allowing cool clean water to run through the mouth and gills.  When it is ready the fish will swim away on it’s own.

The shop website is just about done and looks great.  We wanted to have a fully functional site for everyone so we are putting on the finshing touches and will let you know very soon when it goes live.

Fishing Report for July 10, 2014

Truckee River

Flows on the upper river in the “canyon” are perfect and running near 500CFS.  As we have been experiencing 90-100 degree temperatures, the river temp is getting up there and the canyon always fishes best.  Stateline to the inlet of Prosser Creek has been consistent in the early morning and late evening.  Mother Nature has been providing the afternoon thunderstorms and cloud cover which gets the bugs moving and in turn the trout!  Hang out in your car as the squalls pass and then hit the river.  The fish are hanging in the faster water and is the perfect time for a dry/dropper rig. Caddis and Stone dries with a dropper have been getting a lot of interest. If nymphing is more your style, no problem, focus on the fast water seams with Caddis, Stone’s, or searching patterns. Crayfish patterns are really starting to produce on the cloudy afternoons whether you dead drift or pop ‘em off the deep pool bottoms.
Dry Flies:  Elk Hair Caddis #14-#18, Double Dutch Golden #8, Charlie Boy #10,
Nymphs:  Caddis Poopah #14, Nitro Caddis #14-#16, 20 Incher #8-#10, Dead Drift Crayfish #8
Streamers: Stanley Streamers #6
Recommended Equipment:  Cortland Competition Nymph Rod 10’6” 4wt

This section is still producing nice fish in the morning and the evening.  The temps are getting a climbing and the fish are starting to show it as the CFS has dropped to 200the wet wading now is a great way to beat the heat.  Wet wading is also a great way to keep the equipment to a minimum and fish a simpler way. With the water this warm attempt to get the fish in quick and spend a lot of time releasing. Cloudy afternoons and evenings are kicking off some good caddis hatches.  There have been significant lighting and severe weather around, so use caution! Crayfish patterns are really starting to produce here as well.  Keep your nymphs off the bottom to avoid the “river snot” on every cast.  Fish the deeper, faster moving water.
Dry Flies:  Madam X #10, E/C Caddis #14-#18
Nymphs:  Sexstone #8, Prince Nymph #14, Skinny Nelson #16-#18, Dead Drift Crayfish #8
Streamers:  Slap-n-Tickle
Recommended Equipment:  Simms Guard Sock (for wet wading)

Fishing has been very productive on the LT.  Dry fly fishing has been consistent with hatches of PMD’s, Caddis and a few remaining Green Drakes.  The fishing is spread out throughout the day with most dry fly action focused with PMD’s in the morning and caddis in evening.    The river is running at 65 CFS, so long leaders and a stealthy approach are needed to trick these educated fish.
Dry Flies:  Hackle Stacker Pink #16-#18, E/C Caddis #16-#18, Missing Link Drake #12
Nymphs:  Oops #18, Juju PMD #18-#20, Crystal Hunchback PMD #16-#18
Recommended Equipment:  Winston Boron III LS 4wt rod

Still seeing damsels at Davis and the fishing has become spotty during the morning hours.  Searching for activity on the surface is the key.  All hatches including damsels, blood midges, caddis, and callibaetis are still happening. Hex hatches in the evening are sporadic if the wind is significant.  Fishing the weed beds is still productive in the morning but by mid-day seek the deeper channels and fish in depths of 8-10 feet. Intermediate lines or dropping a blood midge off an indicator both produce.  The evening Hex hatch can be exciting. Use Hex nymphs prior to the hatch, emergers at the onset of the hatch and duns during the heat of the moment.
Dry Flies:  Loco Hex #6, Royal Humpy Red #12, Parachute Adams #12
Nymphs:  No Name Damsel, Brunette Leech #8, Frostbite Red #12-#14, Ice Cream Cone Red #12-#14
Recommended Equipment:  Umpqua Famous 2500 Boat Bag