Cal Trout – Swing North – Fly Fishing Winter Steelhead

Welcome to another Monday at the office!

This past week I’ve been fortunate to spend time on the water fishing and hunting with some really great and knowledgeable folks from Cal Trout, Trout Unlimited, and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. It’s become increasingly apparent to me how important our involvement as anglers is to these organizations and more importantly, to the fish and land they protect. If you’re not involved with any of these groups already, I highly recommend reaching out and seeing how it’s possible to help with local chapters.

The North Coast of California is some of the most pristine steelhead and Salmon habitat found on the west coast, and fortunately some of the closest to access from the Reno area. The Eel River is one of these great places and although it faces the same problems that most other California waterways do, the Eel persists in providing over 200 miles of un-dammed habitat.

In mind of this and the approaching Steelhead season, we hope this video gets the excitement going for this fall/winter run of fish!

-Matt Needs, Guide at the Reno Fly Shop


Matt Needs is a staff member and guide at the Reno Fly Shop.  He is also a student at the Univ. of Nevada studying Geological Engineering. When not in class or the shop Matt is fly fishing all of our local waters and the steelhead Rivers of western Oregon.  Early in the summer Matt is a fly fishing guide in Montana and will be found most days on the oars of his drift boat with clients throwing dry flies. Late summer and Fall/Winter Matt is available to share his experience and enthusiasm of the Truckee River as a Reno Shop guide.

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