Fly Fishing Report for the Truckee River and area Reservoirs | late August 2018

Truckee River


The big Truckee River is flowing around 350 CFS at the downtown Reno gauge. Temperatures are looking much better than in previous weeks. The forecast suggests that we might be past the warmest part of the summer and there seems to be a bit of Fall in the morning air. Water temps are starting off in the mid 50s and making their way to the mid 60’s during the hottest part of the day. It is still a good idea to keep a thermometer with you on warmer days just in case the temperature jumps above that 68 degree mark where we suggest you give the fish a rest.


Fly fishing has been good on day and ok the next. Fish are holding in a lot of different water types and are spread out through riffles runs and pools. We suggest that you fish different water types and move more quickly than normal. Covering water has been the name of the game as of late. Fish are really focused on large stone flies and crayfish. Most adult stonefly activity is nocturnal, but fish are conditioned to see them and will look for them all day. Crayfish have a higher density of molting this time of year (due to warmer water temps) and are a vulnerable big meal for hungry fish. We are also seeing small PMD’s through the day and a few caddis hatches later in the afternoon. Look to fish terrestrials as hoppers and ant flying ants have been prevalent on the river.

European Style Nymphing and dry/dropper has been the most effective way to fish the Truckee river. I usually bring a hopper dropper rod and a European Style Nymphing rod so that I can cover water effectively as we transition from different water types.

Flies That We Suggest: Carat, Spanish Bullet, Perdigon Black, G6 Caddis, Spring Creek Hopper, Slum Hopper, Tunghead Stonefly, Pat’s Rubber leg

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Area Still Waters Fishing early morning has been productive as fish move into the shallows to feed. Continue to look for damsel fly nymphs to make a resurgence as the water temperatures in the lakes begin to drop. Once the sun is on the water and surface water temps warm, look for the fish to be below 10 feet. Long leaders with midge and leech patterns can be very effective through the rest of the day.  A high altitude lake can ge a great escape during these hotter days. A little bit of a hike can get you into untouched water with very hungry trout. Smaller dry fly patterns and attractor patterns work well in alpine lakes as food sources can be scarce and fish are eager to take a fly.

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Flies That we Suggest: Flying Ant, Chironocone, Yankee Buzzer, Gilled Nymph, Comparadun, Para Adams, Wooly Bugger, Sheep Creek Special, Zebra midge

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Have a great time out on the water this late summer/early fall!!!

Mike Anderson

Mike’s guide calendar has openings. A half day on the water with Mike can move the needle when it comes to fly fishing the Truckee River. He can cover different tactics, techniques and water types while chasing some great Truckee River Trout.
Mike is licensed in Nevada, California and Pyramid Lake. Call the shop today to find a spot on Mike’s summer calendar.

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