Truckee River Brown Trout 2016

Fishing Report September 16, 2016 | Class Schedule

Main Truckee River – (between Little Truckee confluence and downtown Reno) We have reached the point in the water year when the flows will bounce around as water is turned off and on from different upstream reservoirs and as the irrigation season comes to an…

Summer Fly Selection Blow Out

We can’t be more excited about the cooling temperatures. Cooler water is going to help the fishing tremendously and October 1 is quickly approaching which will be the Pyramid Lake opener. We are making space for our Fall/Winter and Pyramid Lake flies. We want to…

Fly Fishing Report – August 6, 2015

The following report represents conditions as we understand them at the time we wrote this report. Conditions change day to day. Low water conditions and warm temperatures should always something to monitor when you arrive at a location. Carry a thermometer and please use it….