Pyramid Lake and Truckee River Fly Fishing Report and Happy Hour with Gilligan – February 2018

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Pyramid Lake

Conditions have really turned around at Pyramid Lake during the last week. Recent storms and changing conditions have mixed things up and fish are coming into the shallows. Mike Anderson and his clients have been out and having multiple fish days with several fish over 10 pounds.

Both retrieving flies and fishing with or without an indicator on floating lines are working with a slight advantage towards floating lines and smaller Holo Midge and UV Tease under indicators. Mike has been putting his first fly about 6-7 feet with the bottom fly just off the bottom.

Don’t be afraid to change depths as forecasted storms roll in and the fish change the depths.

Flies we suggest: Holo Midge wine and red, UV Tease wine and red, Chironocone red and motor oil, Booby deadpool, dirty martini and cat whisker and the Bellyache Minnow

Here is Mike’s most recent Pyramid Lake on the water report.

Truckee River and Walker River

Both of these rivers have had a great winter season. Mild temps and good flow conditions have allowed anglers to find fish subsurface, top water and with Streamers. Skwalas have begun to show up in better and better numbers with Blue Winged Olives ready to pop on cloudy days.

Wintertime fishing on the Truckee and Walker Rivers present some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. If you are interested in finding out more or scheduling a guide trip with one of our guys to show you around, please call the shop soon as their spring calendars are filling up.

Flies we suggest: Carotene, Perdigon red, Quill Jig gray and purple, Quasimodo, Jigged P.T., Hackle Stacker BWO, Pullover Beldar’s Rubber Leg, Bellyache Minnow and Weir’s Sculpin


Matt “Gilligan” Koles will be in the shop on Thursday, Feb 15 at 6:30 to be our special guest during our Third Thursday Happy Hour. Gilligan’s appearance on the Reno Fly Shop podcast have consistently been one of our top downloaded episodes and he is widely known as one of the local guides that has “cracked the code” on the big Truckee River.

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Gilligan will demonstrate his go to streamer patterns, how he sets up his streamer and nymph rigs and answer questions on his approach to the big Truckee and winter time fishing in our area.

This is a FREE event that will start around 6:30 and wrap up around 8. Come join us and Gilligan and pick up a few great bits of info for your winter fly fishing tactics! If you would like some more details call the shop 775-544-9963.

The materials that Gilligan uses to tie these effective patterns and other fly tying material will be available during the event.

Want our next Podcast, Blog Post and Fishing Report delivered to your Inbox?

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