EP040: Ken Morrish – Fly Tyer, Photographer and Fly Water Travel

“I get a special satisfaction out of creating a fly, fishing it and finding out it works really well.”

-Ken Morrish

Today’s guest, Ken Morrish, has worked within the fly fishing industry for the past 30 years and has contributed more than we might ever fully undestand. Kenny has designed many functional and effective fly patterns for trout and steelhead and his photographic contributions have inspired not only fly fisherman but non anglers as well.

Kenny started out as guide in Alaska, Oregon, and California and has, quite simply, done it all. He has taught fly fishing, managed fly shops, and is widely known as a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. He has come up with patterns like the Morrish Hopper, the Morrish Mouse and the Anato-May amongst many others. Kenny’s writing and photography has appeared in magazines like Outside, Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod and Reel and Northwest Fly Fishing and many other popular publications.

Ken’s images have also appeared in dozens of books including Lani Waller’s A Steelheader’s Way.

In 1999 Ken started Fly Water Travel, a fly fishing travel company specializing in international angling destinations. Ken runs the company with his business partner Brian Gies and serves as their, primary photographer and catalog copywriter. Ken is also a dedicated environmentalist who primary focus is on the cold water fisheries of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Ken lives in Ashland Oregon with his wife Mia and his children Max and Lilli.

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Show Notes:

Kenny’s flies we discussed on the episode.

Morrish Hopper

Morrish Mouse v1.0

Morrish Pick Pocket

Morrish Anato-May

Reno Fly Shop’s hosted trip to Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Kiribati – April 16-25, 2018

Call for more details or send an email to jim@renoflyshop.com

Kiritimati Bonefish

Links to more information about the trip:

Fly Fishing Christmas Island with Fly Water Travel

Great article on Fly Fishing Christmas Island from Dylan Rose, Fly Water Travel

Reno Fly Shop’s hosted trip to Agua Negra, Tsimane, Bolivia – September 9-16

Call for more details or send an email to jim@renoflyshop.com

Golden Dorado

Links to more information on the trip:

Tsimane Lodge Web Page

Fly Fishing Tsimane, Bolivia – an article by Ken Morrish

2016 Tsimane Brochure

Tsimane Bolivia

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